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My Man’s Losing Interest In Me! How Do I Regain His Interest And Make Him Fall In Love With Me Again!

If you feel that your man’s been losing interest in you, I strongly urge you to read this page with the utmost attention. If you want to save your relationship, it’s high time that you act now. Not acting now could cause serious implications to your relationship.

Everything you’ve built in your relationship will break if you don’t act now and do the right things that are necessary to make him feel attracted to you again. Once you do attract him towards you, you will have to again work on making him fall in love with you. If you do that, you can have him for yourself.

Here is how to regain your man’s interest and make him fall in love with you again…

Start retreating - There’s an ancient Chinese psychological rule which states “We pursue that which retreats from us”. Someone who gets ditched tends to go chasing the other partner for a while. A business partnership that gets broken by one of the partners has the other partner chasing the other. This happens everywhere. And it does when it comes to relationships between men and woman.

If you want your man to start chasing you and throw you with the attention you deserve, you need to start retreating from him. Begin to ignore him a little. Don’t always be needy and available. Say no a few times and play around with him. Don’t always answer his calls. Don’t always say yes. Be a little cold. It will certainly do wonders.

Infuse jealousy - One of the most powerful emotions that will make men to hold on is jealousy. If you make your man jealous, he is going to feel more possessive of you and will try to do all that he can to attract you.  The best way to infuse jealousy in him is by flirting with other men.

Start flirting with his friends when you are at a party. Flirt with your friends. Touch his friends and be playful around them. This will make him feel that you are losing interest in him and he will try all that he can to get your attention.

Be humorous - A good sense of humor will make or break you. A person who can crack jokes and make other people laugh is often the life of the party. If you want to make him feel attraction towards you, you need to be the life of the party. You need to crack jokes and make other people fascinated by you. Learn to crack jokes and laugh. Start teasing him playfully. All this will help you win his interest back.

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