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Is My Boyfriend Still In Love With Me? Tell Tale Signs That He Doesn’t Love You Anymore!

Do you feel that your boyfriend isn’t in love with you anymore? Do you have doubts as to whether he is still in love with you? Such suspicions often tend to be true. A survey has revealed that almost 8 out of 10 women can tell whether their man isn’t in love with them.

If you feel that your man isn’t in love with you, it’s important that you find out for sure. Not knowing will only cause you to become less intimate, more doubtful. And even if he does still love you, your suspicions are more than enough to cause mayhem to your relationship. Pay close attention here…

Here are the tell tale signs that your boyfriend isn’t in love with you anymore…

Going out together - How often do you go out together? If you find that your boyfriend’s hanging out with his friends more often and rarely wants to go out with you, it clearly tells that he’s losing interest in you. This could be due to the fact that he wants some space in the relationship.

Arguments - When the two of you get into an argument, does he make it a BIG argument or does he try to end it as fast as possible? If he tries to argue back and argues more, it tells that he is unable to stand you any longer. This is extremely true if he makes a big issue out of small things.

Intimacy - How often does he touch you? Does he touch you as he used to touch you before? If he isn’t touching you often or kissing you like he used to, it clearly tells that he has lost a little bit of interest in you. How often do you make love with each other? If you aren’t making love together like you used to or he isn’t interested, it tells that he doesn’t love you anymore.

Forgets special days - If your boyfriend forgets special days like your anniversary, your birthday or a day that means something to the two of you, it tells that he has lost interest in you. A man who loves you will think of you and will remember all the special days in your relationship.

If he doesn’t remember those days, it clearly tells that he’s lost interest in the relationship. But if he’s still in love with you, he could have a surprise waiting for you. It could be a trick. So wait and see.

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