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The absolutely essential skills every woman must have to successfully attract and keep a good man!

How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You Extremely Fast! An Absolute Must Read!

Making a guy fall in love with you is extremely easy once you understand him. There are certain keys to trigger his emotional buttons. Once you make him emotionally attracted to you, he will naturally fall in love with you. If you want to get a guy to fall in love with you, keep reading.

Here are the keys to make a guy fall in love with you and commit to you…

Feel connected - The two of you need to feel connected for anything to happen. And a connection can be felt only when the two of you get to know each other extremely well. You need to go out on dates and talk. Spend quality time together.

Listen to what he has to say. Make him talk about his desires, his needs and his hobbies. The more you make him talk about himself, the more trust you will develop in him. Talk to him about yourself. And get the connection going.

Don’t talk about the future – If you’ve ever wondered why a man who seemed fascinated by you lost interest in you extremely fast, it could be because you spoke about commitment. You should never talk about commitment until the two of you feel a connection.

Don’t even talk about future plans. It turns men off. Just forget about the future and focus on having an amazing time now. The better you spend time, the higher the chances of having him commit.

Dress your best - A man loves a woman who tries to look good for him. Physical attractiveness does help in make him attracted to you. Make sure that you always wear clothes that you can carry out. At the same time, smile at him.

A woman’s smile can do wonders to a man’s heart. Smile at him when you are talking. Give the subtle and secret smile. It will make him feel appreciated. Just let him know that you are happy being in a relationship with him by doing such things. This will make him truly develop feelings for you.

Ditch him for a few days - You also need to ditch him for a few days to let him know that you are not going to be around him forever. You need to let him know that you have your own life to live and that you aren’t clingy for his attention.

Don’t reply to his messages or calls for a few days. This will make him realize that he misses you(if you do it once you feel a connection). And once he knows that, he will take all the steps he can take to ensure that you are with him all the time.

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    I don’t see how this is really going to help me. I see how probably one part is. But not the rest. I need better help than this to get “my guy” to fall in love with me.

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